Charlottesville Short Sale Buyers | Don’t Forget to Change Your Locks!

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Charlottesville Short Sale Buyers: Change Your Locks!

Charlottesville Short Sale Buyers | Change Your Locks!Have you just purchased a Charlottesville short sale? When purchasing a home, there’s simply no way of knowing if you have received all of the keys to your new home at settlement. After settlement, the first thing you should do is change or re-key the locks. While you’re at it, you should also change the garage door code and alarm code. The people who could have access to your new home are truly limitless. You don’t want the seller’s household help, contractors, neighbors, friends, kids at college or renters walking around with keys and codes to get into your new home.

Whether purchasing a Charlottesville short sale, foreclosure, new construction home or resale home, it’s a good policy to immediately change or re-key the locks and update the garage door and alarm codes as needed. It’s a small price to pay for your personal safety and peace of mind in your new home.

If you are interested in buying a short sale or selling your home as a short sale you need an experienced Charlottesville Short Sale Agent. Contact us today for all all of your Charlottesville short sale needs.

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Charlottesville Short Sale Buyers | Don’t Forget to Change Your Locks!

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  1. Phoenix Short Sale Agents

    This is a valuable advice from expert Charlottesville short sale agents. Many homebuyers may not be aware of the importance of this task and it is really good to remind them about it. Thank you for sharing this Allegra!

  2. Chicago Short Sale Agents

    This is great advice for ALL home buyers. Like you say above, you really never know who has access to the house. It is even possible that someone may have access to the house and be unaware that the sellers have sold the home and moved!

    I recall reminding buyers of the need for a lock change at the closing. I had explained the need to change the locks while we were looking at homes. At the closing, they informed me that they would not be changing the locks and I had a shocked look on my face (that I didn’t hide). Well, the next day, she called me and told me that they agreed to change the locks. Apparently, my shocked look drove home the importance of the lock change!

    Charlottesville short sale buyers should take your advice and get the locks changed. As experienced Realtors and a seasoned Charlottesville short sale agents, I’m sure you can recommend a good locksmith who can re-key the home on the day they move in.

  3. Eustis Short Sale Agents

    Good reminder from Charlottesville Short Sale Agents, you never know who has a key or the garage door code. Best to err on the side of caution.

    Jimmy Williams
    Eustis FL Real Estate
    Eustis Short Sale Agents

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